About Brian

Portrait of Brian Kim with colleagues

Brian Heseung Kim is a current doctoral student at the University of Virginia’s Education Policy program. His primary research interests revolve around supporting students of diverse backgrounds through major decision-making junctures like the postsecondary application process and the post-graduation job application process. Having been both a public high school teacher and a counselor for aspiring first-gen students, Brian has seen just how many hurdles – formal and informal – students can face on the way to better opportunities. That in mind, figuring out how to use thoughtful policy and interdisciplinary approaches to address these structural inequalities is his main goal as a researcher.

His current projects explore the role of teacher recommendation letters in postsecondary access, the impact of advising styles in a community college virtual advising intervention, and the disparities in labor market outcomes between community college graduates from high- and low-income families. He leverages a variety of toolsets in these pursuits, from traditional econometric methods to natural language processing techniques, and intends to continue exploring the intersection of education, data science, economics, and ethics in his future work.

If you are interested in Brian’s work and would like to know more, feel free to get in touch (email/twitter/etc.) using the contact page or the links below.

Pictured above: 9th grade students on a geology field trip from Brian’s time teaching in Maine

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