I have a lot of very random, very specific hobbies and interests besides research – below is a little smattering of artifacts from some of the things I get up to on a sporadic basis if you’re curious to learn more!

  • I make audio-reactive 3D visualizations synced to some of my favorite music using a video game development platform, Unreal Engine, to play at the intersection of generative art, music, graphic design, and video production.

  • I create choreographed “dances” and synchronized light shows for some of my favorite songs through the virtual-reality rhythm game, Beat Saber ( 1 2 ). And, sometimes, mildly popular videogame streamers spend a lot of time playing them!

  • I make silly education research-related holiday cards alongside my cohort-mate, Walter Herring ( 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 )

  • I play too many instruments (none particularly well), including guitar, voice, ukulele, and piano, and am in the process of deepening my skills with music production, recording, songwriting, and live performance.

  • I track, analyze, and visualize personal health data with varying┬ádegrees of seriousness (animated gif below)

  • Relatedly, I’ve found a really wonderful and sustainable groove with weightlifting, yoga, and running as critical parts of my happiness and health. It also helps that the personal health data is plentiful there, too…

  • During the summers, hiking, camping, and paddleboarding are my all-time favorite activities. Exploring lakes, rivers, mountains, and nature in general is my happiest of places.

  • I toy with algorithmic/generative art styles to join my love of graphic design with data viz and tinkering in R

  • I explore simulations of space through the SpaceEngine program and sometimes make relaxing snippets of my travels ( 1 2 )

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  • I continue to play around with random graphic design tasks for friends, family, and old co-workers ( 1 2 3 4)